Aurora Marine CLEAR VIEW KIT


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Regular use of CLEAR VIEW KIT™ will extend the life of all see through plastics. It’s ideal for the care and maintenance of your IsinglassStrataglass ®Lexan ®Plexiglass ®, and other clear vinyl windows aboard your boat or yacht. It can also be used on port lights, hatches, compass domes and instrument crystals.

You’ll love how your see through plastics regain their new appearance.

The CLEAR VIEW KIT™ contains everything you need to clean, restore and protect All See-Through Plastics. Use on Isinglass, Strataglass Windows and Clears, Hatches, Port Holes, Vinyl Curtains, Compass ­­Domes and Instrument faces: 

  • Protects against UV Damage to prevent yellowing, fogging and cracking, keeping your windows clear and easy to see through.
  • Restores Plasticizers to keep the plastic from drying out and cracking to extend the useful life by many times.
  • Fills in Minor Scratches to maintain optical clarity and reduce rainbow effect from light.
  • Extend the life of the plastics to save you money.

Kit includes: No.1 Cleaner / Restorer and No.2 Protector.

Simply use CLEAR VIEW™ No.1 with white dry cloth to rub out fog and oxidation and clean and restore the clarity of the plastic. Then, apply CLEAR VIEW™ No. 2 to extend its life, provide UV protection, fill in minor scratches and keep the boat plastics looking new and protected against the elements.

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