How to Size your Hurley Marine Davit

To determine which davit mount system will work best for you, measure the beam of your dinghy, divide by 2 and add 4 inches. This determines how much of your dinghy will occupy the platform. Now measure your platform (B) (from the transom to the end of the bathing platform). You must deduct the dinghy measurement from the transom depth, this giving you the required mount size for the dinghy to sit on the platform.  If you are not sure, don't hesitate to give us a call!

If your dinghy width is 60" then divide by 2 + 4" = 34". Swim platform is 32". By adding 2" to the platform this would make it equal to the dinghy width of 34" so then you would have chosen the 6" mount. Hint: 4 inches of the mount must be used to secure to the platform. If you are unsure give us call or send us a message.

A = Swim platforms internal width
B = Platforms depth (transom to edge)
C = Distance from top of platform to the water
D = Beam of dinghy

Mount selection is only applicable to Taditional and H2O

  • 2″- 4″ for the 8″ Xtensions
  • 4″- 6″ for the 10″ Xtensions
  • 6″+  for the 36″ Xtensions

When considering the H3O or a H3O + davit

You must have a minimum distance from the transom to the edge of the bathing platform of 30". Rule of thumb is to ensure you rib or ski fits on you platform half the beam and add 4" this will clear mark that it fits. Some bathing platform have encroaching gunwhales as in the picture above, take these into consideration when measuring up.

H2O Dimensions

H3O Dimensions

H3O + Dimensions

Attention! If you are considering to use the H3O plus to lifts loads more than 180kgs you must rotate the plate watch the video!