Aurora Marine EZ BUFF™


EZ BUFF™ is Tough on Oxidation but Easy on gel coat. 

Unlike traditional rubbing compounds that contain aggressive grits that scratch deeply into your gel coat and then require finer and finer grades to remove the scratching, thereby removing excessive amounts of your thin gel coat, EZ BUFF™ is designed to aggressively remove the oxidation, with minimal damage to the integral gel coat. Polishes the surface to a mirror finish, all in one step.

Since it's water based, it does not emit any ozone depleting VOC's. There are no Hazardous Air Pollutants, Soil Pollutants or Water Pollutants. It's environment, human and boat friendly. There are no Bad solvent odors and no coarse grit to scratch you gel coat. It's slow drying to give you longer working time (working time can be extended even further with EZ BUFF EXTENDER™) and you get greater coverage, so it's much less expensive than using rubbing compounds.

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