H3O+ (Plus) Davit System

The NEW H3O+ (Plus) Dinghy Davit™ has all the great features of the H3O but is larger for heavier loads, includes inner bunks and comes standard with a 6′ Winch Arm.  The H3O+ (Plus) can muscle up to 725 pounds (328.85 kg) and longer loads up to 13′ (3.96m) with ease.  Either a Hand Winch or Electric 12v Winch are available as options.

Each davit system has a stainless steel mount plate footprint that requires only two bolts for the install and only stands 5/8″ high.   This mounting system provides a quick release leaving a clear deck for any activity.  Mount Covers are available.

Easily mounted on the swim platform, these hassle free systems lets you winch your dinghy on for easy storage or just push-off for launching.  Always available in an emergency.

The H3O+ (Plus) will need to have the workable depth (transom to swim platform edge) of at least half of the beam of your tender plus 4″ inches, as well as other configurations of your boat.

Moore Marine H3O+ (Plus) Package

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 316 stainless steel mounts.
  • installation instructions.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • 90 days warranty on the winch.
  • Larger frame for heavier tenders.
  • Available with a optional electric 12v winch with remote control and wiring harness or manual winch.
  • Removable 6′ winch arm.
  • Adjustable inner bunk system for added support.
  • Overall Weight:  84 pounds (38.10 kg).
  • 725 pounds (328.85 kg) capacity.
  • Suitable for rib and tenders up to 13' (3.96m) long.
  • The kit does not come with any other fixings due to the varied installations.  

Manual Winch system  £3400.00 + Shipping

Power Winch system    £4300.00 + Shipping


Manual Winch system £3500.00 + Shipping

Power Winch system   £4400.00 + Shipping

Specifications are the same.

The H3O+ PLUS Davit Extension will extend your tenders keel overboard on your platform by 9″ (22.86 cm).  725 pound (328.85 kg) load limit.

£2600.00 (special order only)



3 Point Tie Down System



Mounting Covers (pair)




Stainless Steel Backing Plates




12 V Power Winch


From £645.00


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