LED Sea-Vue™ Light Package Hurley LED Sea-Vue™

A high quality heavy-duty underwater boat light, that does not require any large holes or compromises, to the hull. The bright high-intensity Hurley LED Sea-Vue™ was created for boat owners that want to dramatically illuminate the water behind their boat and minimize power draw. Engineered to be extremely rugged and reliable, this unit provides incredible light output in a compact, cost-effective package. All of the electronics are integrated into the watertight housing while requiring only a small 1/4” hole through the transom above the water-line for the power cable.Underwater lights have four high intensity 10 watt LED array in a thermally conductive plastic housing (no corrosion) that incorporates revolutionary glass convex lens producing a 75 degree beam spread. This innovative design creates greater light dispersion and magnification for a dynamic underwater lighting effect. Overheat sensors and low and high voltage shutdown are all in this self-contained housing, there is no additional driver or power supply to install. To aid in its cooling while lit, we’ve designed it with a water cooling system that allows to maintain the lights cool and efficient for an ultra long life span. Easy maintenance!

A pair of white LED Sea-Vue™ lights produce a radius light glow of 60′ in the Caribbean Sea. These powerful lights come in either white, blue, green or red. It is ideal for any boat wanting a high intensity LED surface mount or simply add a bracket to be used as Trim Tab lights or Dock lights.

Note: The Sea-Vue™ Light is stackable using our trim tab brackets. You are able to add another light on-top of another using an additional trim tab bracket. Now you can have two different colors depending upon your mood. Can also be controlled by remote control ask for details.


Package includes:

  • 2 LED Light Units
  • 2 Trim Tab Brackets
  • Two year warranty

Colours available by request

  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue

Weight: 2.04 kg

Dimensions: 11.6 x 12.7 x 15.2 cm

Housing: Chemically Resistant Polymer

Lens: Convex Borosilicate Glass

Lamp: 4 x 10 watt High Intensity LED’s

Beam: 75 degree

Power: 12 volt and 24 volt / 10 to 30 VDC

Amps: 2.5 amp @ 12v / 1.25 amp @ 24v

Life: 44,000+ hours

Lumens: 4400 

Cord Length: 10 feet / 3.05m


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