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Is A Everything You Need to Care for Your Inflatable Boat! From cleaning to restoring your inflatable boat, this kit has you covered!


SPEED CLEAN™ - Cleans And Restores your Inflatable Boat. Removes Chalking, Stains, Scuffs, Grime, Rust, Diesel.
POLY GUARD™ - It gives Beautiful, Long Lasting Shine. Protects your inflatable boat Against UV Damage, Sun Tanning Oil, Chalking and Stains. Not Greasy or Oily.
REPELIN™ - Protects your inflatable boat against Algae, Barnacles, Zebra Mussels and Osmosis Blisters. Improves Performance.
MARINE POWER MITT™ - Synthetic Fiber Power Mitt Turbo Charges Boat Cleaning Action! The Perfect Boat Accessory for cleaning with Aurora Boat Care Products.



Keeping your new RIB or Inflatable Boat clean and protected against environmental damage can easily double the useful life of your boat, keep it looking like the day you bought it, increase your pride of ownership and bring a much higher return when it comes time to trade up or sell.

Your boat will be expected to live and survive in the Marine Environment; the toughest environment on the planet. It will be under constant attack from dirt, grime, UV, infrared, suntan lotion, marine growth, bacteria, bird and spider droppings, scuffs, stains, ozone and more. A simple and regular maintenance regime can easily defeat these ravages, but you need the right specialty products and procedure to do the job. Failure to keep your boat clean and protected will result in it looking old and tired before its time, may void your warranty and is sure to bring additional problems that can be costly to repair.

Using the right products to care for your boat is important. Household, automotive and industrial products can often cause more harm than good and should not be used. Aurora Boat Care Products are specially formulated for optimum care and maintenance of RIB and Inflatable boats. They’re endorsed, recommended and used by the top boat manufacturers in the world. These products are safe to use on Hypalon, PVC, Polyurethane, Rubber, Fiberglass and Aluminum.

NOTE: Detailed instructions for use and application of all products are on the product labels and on


This is the easiest and best time to protect your boat. Within a few months in the marine environment, an unprotected boat can become soiled, stained, fouled and begin to degrade, requiring restoration before it can be properly protected.


When the special fabric for your tube and inflatable floor was manufactured, lubricants and other chemicals were used and they remain on the surface of the fabric after the boat was manufactured. It’s important to strip them away before applying the UV protector otherwise poor adhesion and failure of the protector can result. Even though your boat is new and appears clean, scrub it well with SPEED CLEAN™ and a MARINE POWER MITT™ to remove these pollutants, rinse well and dry. When the tube and fabric floor is dry, apply 2 coats of POLY GUARD™. These products may also be used to protect rub rails and other rubber fitments.

If the boat is to remain in the water for more than 2 days at a time, apply REPELIN™ fouling release coating to all underwater fabric surfaces to reduce the attachment of marine fouling and make cleanup easier. REPELIN™ can also improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. These products are effective for use in salt as well as fresh water.


If your RIB is to remain in the water for more than 2 days at a time, protect the gel coat with REPELIN™ fouling release coating. In addition to reducing the attachment of marine fouling it will keep the bottom cleaner, eliminate salt attachment, improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. Gel coat is porous and REPELIN™ will seal the pores to prevent osmosis blisters.

New gel coat is coated with a mold release agent which can impair proper bonding of long lasting protective coatings. To ensure proper attachment of REPELIN™, the hull must be scrubbed with SPEED CLEAN™ and a MARINE POWER MITT™ to remove any pollutants, prior to application.


If your RIB is to remain in the water for more than 2 days at a time, protect the painted bottom with REPELIN™ fouling release coating. In addition to reducing the attachment of marine fouling it will keep the bottom cleaner, eliminate salt attachment, improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. Wash the surface first with INFLATABLE BOAT CLEANER™ to remove any pollutants and then apply 2 coats of REPELIN™. If the hull is raw aluminum, after washing as above, coat it first with ALUMETRON™ prior to applying REPELIN™.


The deck or floor surfaces of RIB’s either have a textured pattern or sand is imbedded in the gel coat, or paint, in order to provide traction and reduce slipping, especially when wet. Protecting them with wax or polish is not recommended as it can make them dangerously slippery. Left unprotected, the decks are susceptible to UV damage, soiling, staining and excessive scrubbing to keep them clean. SURE STEP™ is a pressure sensitive sealer and UV protective polish that utilizes Adaptive Reflex technology. It seals the surface, protects the New Boat shine and makes the decks easy to maintain and keep clean. When you step on the deck, your weight creates pressure which gives you grip. When you take your foot off, releasing the pressure, they become smooth and slippery again making dirt attachment difficult. When the decks are wet, the traction increases even more.

Scrub the non-skid deck with SPEED CLEAN™ and a scrub brush and the smooth parts with a MARINE POWER MITT™. Rinse well and dry. Apply 2 coats of SURE STEP™ and buff to a beautiful shine with a SURE STEP BUFFING WHEEL™ on a portable drill.


Once your boat is properly protected, maintenance usually consists of keeping it clean by rinsing with clear water and wiping dry from time to time but if stuff happens, we’ve got you covered. If your boat gets soiled from greasy atmospheric fall out, diesel soot, scum line, or other nasties, wet it with water, spray on some free rinsing, biodegradable INFLATABLE BOAT CLEANER™, wash away the grime with a MARINE POWER MITT™ and wipe dry with a chamois or microfiber cloth.

Scuff marks or other dirt or stains that are difficult to remove can be scrubbed clean with SPEED CLEAN™. Rinse well, dry and re-apply POLY GUARD™ and REPELIN™ if applicable.

Even though your boat bottom is protected with REPELIN™, if it sits in the water for more than a few days you may see slime forming on the bottom. Simply wipe off the slime and the bottom will stay clean for months. If the boat sits in the water for long periods of time, without maintenance, marine growth may attach. Soft growth such as slime and algae can be removed with INFLATABLE BOTTOM SPRAY™. Hard growth, such as barnacles or zebra or quagga mussels can be removed with FOUL OFF™. Bottom cleaners can remove REPELIN™ and POLY GUARD™. After removing the growth, scrub with SPEED CLEAN™ and re-apply POLY GUARD™ and REPELIN™.

POLY GUARD™REPELIN™ and SURE STEP™ have a life of 6 to 8 months in continental climates and 3 to 4 months in tropical climates. At the end of each period, scrub all surfaces with SPEED CLEAN™ and re-apply the protectors. Regular use of these products can extend useful life of your new RIB or Inflatable Boat, make maintenance easier and add value and pride of ownership to your boat.

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