PREMIUM BOAT SHINE™ protects, polishes and restores fiberglass boat gelcoats. 

Using boat wax like Carnauba may lead to expensive projects like gel coat restoration and gel coat repair. PREMIUM BOAT SHINE™ is 100% synthetic that will never turn yellow and stain on your gel coat.

This Best Boat Polish Bonds to the Surface for Long Life UV Protection that's Diamond Hard and Anti-Static to Repel Dirt. Not Greasy or Oily. Manufacturer Recommended.

Simply wipe on and wipe off! It's self polishing and no buffing is needed to shine your boat!


premium boat shine

The Once a Year Boat Polish that protects your gelcoat! Synthetic Boat Polish with UV Inhibitors for a Brilliant Shine with the Best Protection & Longest Life. There is No Carnauba Wax ingredient so your boat is safe from yellow stains. You can use it on Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless steel and Painted Boats.

Easy to Apply:

      Wipe On & Wipe Off

    It's Self Polishing! No Buffing to get a Brilliant Shine

boat bottom cleanboat bottom cleanerclean boat bottom
Seals in the Shine
Even on Older Boats
Be the Envy
of Your Neighbors
No Yellowing
No Build-Up

Guaranteed Carnauba Wax Free!

    Will Not Leave Yellow Stains on Your Boat's Gel Coat