REPELIN™ 220ml




Super-Hydrophobic, Foul Release bottom Coating Prevents Osmosis Blisters and Protects zodiac boats, inflatable canoe and inflatable dinghy.  Prevents the Attachment of Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels on Inflatable Boats. Ideal For Use on Boats that Live in the Water & Boats that are Only in the Water for Short Periods of Times.

Proven Results:

      • Reduced Friction Improves the Performance of Your Boats:
      • Better Acceleration
      • Better Maneuverability
      • Greater Top Speed
      • Faster On Plane
      • Reduced Fuel Consumption

Easy to Apply:

Wipe On & Wipe Away Haze for a Super Slippery Protective Barrier.

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How to protect your Inflatable Boat Bottom?

  • Make sure that your Inflatable Boat is Clean
  • Simply apply REPELIN™ with a damp sponge to all hull surfaces that will be submerged in water, including fiberglass & aluminum hulls & OB lower units. 
  • Rub vigorously and make sure that all exposed surfaces & crevices are coated.
  • Allow to dry to haze. Remove haze with a soft cloth or brush.
  • After 24 hrs. apply 2nd coat & buff to a shine.
  • Allow minimum 48 hrs before launching boat.

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