The main purpose of a loose cotton wheel is to remove the SURE STEP™ haze and polish the surface to a beautiful shine. This wheel is not tightly stitched together so it will not 'mush' or collapse, allowing the frayed cotton edges to get into and polish the crevices as well as the top surfaces of non-skid patterns on fiberglass boat decks.

buffing wheel demo

It’s made of 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin and has a ½ in hole for the arbor. It’s recommended that you use a portable drill to avoid the dangers of electric shock when working around water or wet surfaces. The 6” diameter of this wheel is an optimum size for use on most portable drills of 18 volt or greater capacity. The extra thick 80 ply (1”) cotton doubles the surface area to reduce buffing time and improve final results.

buffing wheel demo

When properly maintained, this premium SURE STEP BUFFING WHEEL™ has a long life. Clean it by running edge over wheel rake or sharp metal edge to remove residue and store in clean dry area when not in use. It’s recommended for buffing SURE STEP™. Keep for this purpose only. Do not contaminate it with other materials. Do not attempt to buff wet SURE STEP™ as this will clog the cotton fibers and render the wheel useless until dried and cleaned.

This buffing wheel is manufactured from 80 layers of fine-thread cotton muslin with feathered edges to produce an incredibly fine and soft, yet durable buffing surface for a streak free shine. It’s designed for optimum polishing of difficult to reach crevices. Our extra thick single stitch design makes for a durable, soft and extremely flexible wheel to maximize polishing and minimize abrasion. The 1/2" arbor hole fits standard arbors. (Arbor not included)

You’ll get professional polishing and buffing results with this quality buffing accessory, every time.

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