VINYL GUARD gives Long Life UV Protection to Exterior and Interior New and Older Marine Vinyl. It Protects Boat Seats and Boat Upholstery Against UV, Mold, Suntan Lotions, Human Skin Oils, Food and Beverage Stains, Bird Feces and more.

  • Non-Greasy Formula. No Dangerous Slipping and Sliding on Seats. Safe for Clothes; No Oily Stains.
  • Not slimy when wet.
  • Save Time and Money. Once a Season Protection Lasts 15 Times Longer than oil protectors.
  • Proven: Best protection forVinyl Seats, Trim and Tops.
  • Each Application Restores Lost Plasticizers. You’ll Love the Luxurious Feel and Enhanced Color of Your Vinyl.


VINYL GUARD™ clear, boat vinyl protector, gives your boat vinyl long life protection Against UV, Mold, Dirt, Grime, Diesel Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More. Used by professional repair shops and dealers, our boat vinyl protector will give you Guaranteed Results. VINYL GUARD™ is safe to use on Marine Vinyl (not for use on woven vinyl fabric). VINYL GUARD is easy to keep clean; just rinse with a garden hose and dry or for tough dirt, wet, spray on some EZ Vinyl Cleaner, wash, rinse and dry.

Ideal for:
Protecting Boat Seats, Boat Trim and Boat Tops.

Non-Greasy Formula - No dangerous slip-sliding around & it won't stain your clothes with oily or greasy transfer.

Exclusive Double Barrier:
The first barrier penetrates deep into the fabric to restore resilience, suppleness and color. The second barrier remains on the surface to resist penetration and deterioration by UV, Ozone, mold, suntan lotion, grime, water, staining, pollutants, bird feces and more.


Vinyl must be Clean & Dry before applying VINYL GUARD™. EZ VINYL CLEANER™ is required to prep surfaces for Guaranteed Results.

How to Protect Boat Vinyl? It's Fast & Easy!

  1. Clean your vinyl with EZ Vinyl Cleaner.
  2. When dry, wipe the 1st sealer coat of Vinyl Guard on with a damp sponge or cloth and allow to dry.
  3. Apply second top coat the same way and allow to dry.
  4. Enjoy your Beautiful, Low Maintenance, Luxurious vinyl all season long.


Stop the Mold Gremlins from ruining your vinylRestores Color & SupplenessRestores Water-Proofing on Leaky Vinyl Trims
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